Monday, December 29, 2008

Terry Soft Leather

My new Terry is not as cushy as my old Terry Fly Cromoly, but after just one ride, I felt comfortable. The seat is much lighter and the leather is soft and subtle. My sits bones fit the saddle perfectly and it is much more comfortable than the Selle. I was so excited about experimenting. I had to eliminate some strain in my peroneus longus muscle in my right leg. I rode my bike in conditions favorable for heavy thunderstorms. I lowered the seat about 3mm and moved my right shoe forward by adjusting the cleats on my speed plays. My left leg was perfect, and I suspect one of my legs is shorter than the other by a very miniscule amount. The minor change help me feel much more powerful and the setup felt better. Only a long ride will expose the results of the position change. I am hoping this change will help me to avoid injury. Considering my age I am suspect that I may be experiencing osteoarthritis as is in my family history. I hope to continue cycling for as long as possible. Though I had started out just for a short ride, I was enjoying myself so much that I just kept riding. I decided I had better get home and it started raining hard. I got soaking wet, but the temperature was very warm and I was thrilled with the ride.

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