Friday, December 5, 2008

Fayetteville Bicycle Trails

It was freezing all day and below 30 degrees F. for most of the day. I did a little laundry and pretty much acted like a slug on the couch. I laid on the couch with my knees bent up motionless to the point that I felt like my heart was almost close to just not pumping, or a least very slow. I fell asleep briefly. I went to a fellowship meeting I attend, showing up late, and by the end of the meeting, the sun felt a little warmer. It had risen to 39 degrees and the sky was bright and clear with the sun piercing my eyes with its late Fall angle. I decided to go home and put on my cold weather riding stuff, which consist of my assos riding shorts, which are one size too small, some synthetic poly something thermal underwear, some long spandex type long riding pants with no cameos, a thermal poly something spandex like thermal underwear top, a white t shirt from the 2008 tour de cure, my riding jersey, a fleece pullover, and leather thinsulate gloves. On my head, I wore a thin toboggan and my helmet, and on my feet I wore merino wool socks which are very snugly and soft, my biking shoes, and descent bike shoe covers. I wore clip on sunglasses. I decided to check out the Fayetteville bike trails everyone was telling me about.

The bike trails were totally amazing and winded for close to 13 or so miles around town. Not only were they well designed, smooth and wide, but they designed some areas that went under the major highway through tunnels. It was a great adventure of which I completely underestimated for their length and freedom from traffic. A person could speed as fast as physically possible or just take it easy. I saw several bikers of all levels and even several people walking which I let know that I was slowly approaching them from behind.

I found that these trails will make a perfect place to build up fitness after being off the bike. It is also mostly out of the wind as opposed to the road, and very easy to just relax and pedal slow. I did loose contact with the trail at the end of my ride which took me about 8 miles from my house, so I just took the road which immediately let my body know I was totally out of shape. I had to sprint in traffic after the light and I was in the cold wind which was very hard on my lungs.

All in all, I never regret my rides when I make the effort to get out on my bike Nemo. I do feel like all the clothing restricts my movement, but I am also out of shape. So my focus will need to be core strength and it will be time to get a head start on my base miles and general form.

It amazes me how out of shape I felt, but I did climb well enough at the end of the ride back to my house. That is always the real test and it won't take too much time to get back into riding form. The biggest benifit from making my lazy butt get out on the bike is how inspired and enthusiastic I am when I get back. It puts me in a better frame of mind. I'm definitely exploring tomorrow as it is suppose to be a high of 51 degrees F.

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Greg L. said...

Hello Ricky, Greg here. I'm checking out your blog and the words, "...good old common sense," jumped out at me. I was the guy who broke my wrist (scaphoid bone) back in 2004. I kept telling everyone that it was a bad strain and that I was fine. You actually brought me an ace bandage and some cold rub. I don't think you believed the B.S. that I was passing on to everyone else :-). I remember that as one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. It was very much appreciated. I came vacationing with Donn Young a few times. Devil's Den is definitely a thing of beauty in this world. Back then I used to ride behind Jamie who had all the common sense. If she didn't ride the section then neither did I. I think I broke my wrist riding on a section that she walked -- oh well. You are looking very fit with some very nice cycling clothes. Nice road bike too. Your blog reminds me of the very long rides I used to do. Now I'm lucky to get in a 25 mile ride. A good 60+ mile ride hasn't been done by me for a long time. Well thought I would leave a comment here. Keep the rubber side down. Greg LeBlanc (