Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New bike project.

Starting to think about a new bike project. This bike will be able to tour and handle rougher conditions, but also be fast when needed or carry weight and have a very wide range of gears. Should prove to be a challenge. Nemo, my best bike hopefully will enjoy having a new little brother around the house. She will always be my main girl as far as a bike is concerned. I would like something that I can rough a round a little that can take a beating and keep on ticking. Nemo is a sweet steel Italian road bike, but she has no braze ons and is not a touring bike, but a road racing bike. She has proven herself on the road, but I just don't want to put a lock on her or take her to work or down some dirt roads. She is a road machine and built to speed, a thoroughbred.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have had a couple of good dreams lately. The day before yesterday, I dreamed I had a good job where I wore clean and pressed kacky pants and nice shirt. It was a technical type position that apparently paid well. In my dream I jump for joy physically that I had a job that I enjoyed, and gave me a since of fulfillment. My other dream this morning before work was that I was spending time with my estranged spouse and she was kind to me and things were good. It was still an odd dream, but a good dream that was healing in a way. My best friend Toni is moving away and I am kind of at a loss. I have sort of resigned myself to doing what I am now doing forever and just the acceptance of the whole deal seems to give me an surrendered calm. It is like I just got tired of trying to make things different. My life is like riding my bike. I can ride my bike slow or fast and I don't have to be a speed demon or to suffer above my level. Just time on the bike is making me better. Trying to eat like a vegetarian has been difficult since I have never been a cook, or a good eater. So I am learning a lot. Silent meditation is kind of where I am at right now. I have had way too much trauma and I'm tired.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Beginnings

I know I don't have to follow the crowd and I have been given a good mind and the freedom to think. I think I will try it for a while, learn to cook, learn to play my guitar, ride my bicycle, and get to know myself. I would like to get connected to the universe somehow, and find closure from the past, and open some new door into a new part of life that I have been blinded from. Of course, I'm talking to myself, but I know what I mean. I think I will try baking. Exploring art and culture, start reading more, and getting out more. I saw the movie, Kung Fu Panda, and I laughed so hard. It was really good to laugh. Perhaps, I will travel. I have also enjoyed photography. I will find my place somewhere in the still of the universe, but right now it is a storm inside myself which means change.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My camera and mind work alike. Just click photos for larger versions.

I went to the Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood concert at the University of Arkansas Razorback stadium. The stadium is just down the hill from my little red house. Dee, my little sister, and I had a good time. We even got the snow cone girl to give us a smile for the camera! We enjoyed the charming ladies sitting next to us. After taking their picture, I got them to photograph Dee and me. We don't spend much time together, so getting to go to a free concert was perfect. I had fun photographing the event while taking a ribbing from my sister about taking pictures of all the pretty women. Of course she was right which is the point of this blog. I'm a guy! What can I say....... I took the top picture and edited it a little to make a point, and that is this: My mind and camera work alike. Everyone else in the top photo are not as in focus or colorful when the young woman suddenly caught my eye in the crowd. I guess I can't help it. Life is beautiful in so many ways, and often spontaneous! Keith Urban walked into the stands while performing a song and actually gave his guitar to a guy in the Audience. Wow! what a great performance by both Artist and what a fun crowd.