Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mountain biking Returns

Another year has come and it is almost January. Christmas is only 11 days away. The year has been filled with hard work, evolving relationships, minor physical challenges, along with the change of the seasons. I have always felt if I am going to sacrifice and save to buy something material, like a bike or gadget, I should try to get something that I will be pleased with in the end and not just settle for average. Things don't always have to be the most expensive or the very best, but they do need to be of high quality and something I believe will be worth my efforts in the long run. Sometimes things of enduring quality and craftsmanship cost a lot more because of material, engineering constraints, and manufacturing requirements. But the end result comes down to answering the question, "Does the product do what it was meant to do, and does it do it well." I am wanting a full suspension bike, but it needs to be light, have a good bottom bracket clearance, strong, and ride with precision. I think that the Santa Cruz Carbon blur XC fits the bill. I am wanting to use shimano XT components with Avid brakes, DT Swiss 26 inch mountain bike wheels and affordable functional Rock Shox front shocks. Carbon all around on seat post and handlebars.

This project will take a long time because it is very expensive. Hard work, sacrifice, persistence toward my goal, and I believe I will back in the mountains, becoming at one with the great single track here in the Ozarks.