Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Beginnings

I know I don't have to follow the crowd and I have been given a good mind and the freedom to think. I think I will try it for a while, learn to cook, learn to play my guitar, ride my bicycle, and get to know myself. I would like to get connected to the universe somehow, and find closure from the past, and open some new door into a new part of life that I have been blinded from. Of course, I'm talking to myself, but I know what I mean. I think I will try baking. Exploring art and culture, start reading more, and getting out more. I saw the movie, Kung Fu Panda, and I laughed so hard. It was really good to laugh. Perhaps, I will travel. I have also enjoyed photography. I will find my place somewhere in the still of the universe, but right now it is a storm inside myself which means change.

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