Saturday, December 13, 2008

Try again

The new saddle looked great, but after a fair test of a little over 18 miles, I couldn't imagine riding 100 miles on the thing. Though padded and well made, the saddle caused me some pain that I honestly felt would not get better, and only worse over time. Because the saddle was very expensive, I had to be assertive and just send it back. My terry chromoly saddle has a split in the cover and has been ridden 3800 miles, so I will try a leather covered Titanium railed Fly. If the formula works, perhaps it is best to use what works. It was sad that the seat was so un forgiving, but a saddle is a very personal thing. I plan to do some long endurance charity rides next year and perhaps a race and I don't need any un-necessary physical problems. I have found small problems become big problems over a long ride. Best to get all the kinks out.

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