Friday, May 16, 2008

Nemo has new pedals.

Purchased a new pair of speedplay x2 pedals. It was one of the those impulse long term wants I felt like satisfying. Before the purchase, I woke up to a head cold or allergy problem which I found very annoying and frustrating. After working all week and looking forward to a nice few days off to enjoy riding, I wake up with this crud. My half day wednesday, I ended up helping move a friend out of his old apartment. I felt like I got into some mold or something. I didn't think I would ride or feel like it so I spent most the morning doing my laundry and trying to take care of myself. Then I decided to bite the bullet and buy the pedals at a local bike shop. I spent a while getting my old cleats off my bike shoes and fixing a screw insert, and then I tested the pedals. I had to go back and take off the cleats as they were too far in front of the ball of my foot, but after I did some adjustments, they felt ok. They were a little stiff. Just testing them was enough to motivate me to go riding. It was a perfect day and I mean perfect. I didn't intend to ride far, but I felt like Forrest Gump, first I went to the end of town, and then I felt like going farther, and farther.... I got in a good hour and fifty minute ride. My breathing was ok, but I forgot to bring a hanky and so I tested out the cloth pad on my new gloves. I didn't stop, which is unusual, but good. I practiced drinking while riding which always seems to be something I need to learn and keeping myself hydrated. I was very strong and allowed myself to go easy and spin. I also seemed to have good form and could speed for long distances with a smooth high cadence. What a great ride and Nemo looks really good with her new pedals.

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