Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Miracles do happen.

A year ago, I wanted to get a road bike really bad as I was trying to keep up with my friend Toni on her carbon fiber Trek, and I on an old Schwinn High Sierra mountain bike with fat boy slicks on them. I did pretty well, but pushing the heavey bike, plus my fat ass up the ozark hills and trying to catch her wheel was way more training than I anticipated. I was the "Heft on Wheels" poster boy and horribly addicted to store bought bake your own apple pie and belgum cigars, not to metion my lack of proper diet. So one day, bound and determined to buy a road bike, I contacted GVH bikes in oregon and mailed him a starter check to purchase a frameset with plans to build it slowly. As I was getting off the phone with Tom, I heard a pounding on my door. Evidently a driver of a large truck had hit my small truck in my drive way. I felt sorry for the gentleman as he was very upset. The damage to my truck was not too bad, but the insurance company decided that the left side quarter panel had to be replaced. So I decided to live with the dent, and work on my biking skills. Needless to say, the dent in my truck helped finance my new bicycle. Since then, I have quit smoking, started eating better, and have improved my overall outlook on my condition. I am now contemplating quiting my job, cashing in my 401k and riding across the continental United States. Several of my friends look at me like I'm pretty foolish, but something in me drives me to do something adventurous and new. I crossed Wyoming and part of Colorado with my friend Donn Young to celebrate his 50th birthday in 2000, and I was thinking an adventure like crossing the country might be a good way to celebrate my 50th birthday. I could use a break from the factory life, and I love my bicycle. Time will tell. I'm not riding with Toni anymore, but if I was, I still couldn't keep up with her. She's one of those girls that kick ass!

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