Friday, November 7, 2008


Well now it is getting cooler. I am less motivated, and I have never really enjoyed cooler air. I would do more on my bike, but I don't want to put a lock on my road bike to do errands. I am thinking about getting a light cable lock and putting a terry cloth around it so it won't scratch my bike. I am considering finding a place to do weight training or core exercises during the up coming winter months. My big goal is to get my truck fixed and taken care of as I certainly can't afford to get another one. Anyway, this picture pretty much describes my mood lately, tumultuous. I am needing something positive to focus on, so I think I will just go for a ride as a good form of meditation, come home, and clean my house. The tour de cure ride went well, but the wind the second half of the century was murder for everyone. The roads in Missouri were rough. I took a wrong turn at the end of the ride just a few miles from the end and ended up doing 105.36 miles. I did ride a little before the event to warm up, but most of the added miles were from getting lost. I felt pretty good except for a little tendinitis from working so hard in the wind. I rode 13 the next day, and then did 40 the next week, and then 35 the next week. I guess I need some cross training, and I am thinking of borrowing a mountain bike to do some single track next week.

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chr15 tree said...

Ha! 100 miles is long enough withouta wrong turn to add a few more.

Awesome picture, I love clouds like that.