Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cool Mountain Ride

Thursday morning I am going to borrow my friend, Ranger Tim Scott's mountain bike and visit my favorite mountain bike trail. Mountain biking use to be my only form of riding and I put a great deal of energy and time into it. Well since then I sold my equipment and then later migrated to Road riding. What I loved about mountain biking was the fact that I had to focus and get into a zone, not only physically, but mentally or I would suffer possibly hazardous results. It use to be my form of meditation where after an hour or so, the problems I felt took a back seat to living in the moment. I look forward to my ride tomorrow. It is suppose to be colder than the last few days, but being in the trees deep in the woods shouldn't be too bad. It will certainly be a change of pace.


PEANUT said...

I think you ought to update your blog soon. Otherwise your fans may think something hazardous happened yesterday on your ride!! Hope you had lots and lots of fun.

chr15 tree said...

Yeah - rickie - hope the ride was fun!