Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nemo's sportin new fenders

Nemo is sportin new SKS Race Blade fenders. She put up a fuss at first, but now I think she likes them. I purchased the carbon looking fenders and they seemed to adjust relatively easily after I noticed how they were constructed. I did read the instructions briefly. I didn't use tape on the fork and it was far more difficult to get right. Nemo's tires are getting worn out, but still have several miles in them. The back tire is far more worn and cut up than the front tire, but I am waiting to get her all gussied up with the new tires and tape I have on the shelf for when it is dryer outside. After riding in the rain the other day, I decided I had to have something to keep my britches less wet and the bike less gritty. I am hoping this will help as it is the rainy season right now. I figured buying fenders was a great way to change the weather from wet to dry. I will have to wait to test my theory. Good luck to all the pros and non pros racing the Joe Martin Stage Race. It should be brutal.

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